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  • Woody Smith Automotive Group

    We have worked with national SEO and PPC companies within the automotive industry. OOC offers a unique approach that is more hands-on, working with our company to build our online presence. Since we switched to OOC, we have seen a year-over-year increase in SEO traffic by over 33% and PPC traffic by over 98%.

    - Woody Smith Automotive Group

From the Bog

3 March

USPS Pricing

Many business owners like me started their company on an incredible idea or a niche opportunity that they saw in the market. Like me, they may have wondered how to begin such an adventure and where to start when it comes to shipping rates. This concern generally occurs at a point when the owner has […]

3 March

The World of SEO: What Is Your Plan?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. With Google updating their algorithms frequently, how can a company keep up with Google’s ever changing algorithms? This last year alone there were over five updates that were rolled out, one being an entire algorithm change. It can be challenging to continually pivot and adapt in order to […]

12 February

How do you know your PPC agency is the right choice?

I have had conversations with multiple businesses about their online marketing strategies, specifically pay-per click (PPC). Through all of the good and bad experiences many have had, I have come to find that one underlying theme stretches across them all. That theme being, determining whether a PPC agency is the right fit for your company. […]